SSH MITM SERVER & content inspection

man in the middle (mitm) server for security audits supporting public key authentication, session hijacking and file manipulation

Made for Security Audits

Created to help you to secure your network
Source is available
This project is open source and the source code is distributed on Github. This allows you to review the code and implement your own features.
Linux TProxy support
The Linux TProxy feature is supported to create a transparent intercepting ssh mitm server
Public Key authentication
SSH MITM proxy server supports public key authentication and can use agent forwarding for remote authentication
Session hijacking
ssh terminall sessions can be hijacked to inject commands or get full access to the terminal

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away
1Install SSH-MITM

To install SSH-MITM, simply run this simple command in your terminal of choice:
$ pip install ssh-mitm

2Connect to the network

To start an intercepting mitm-ssh server on Port 10022, all you have to do is run a single command.
$ ssh-mitm --remote-host 192.168.0.x

Now let's try to connect to the ssh-mitm server.
$ ssh -p 10022 user@proxyserver

3Hijack SSH sessions

When a client connects, the ssh-mitm starts a new server, which is used for session hijacking.
[INFO] created injector shell on port 34463

To hijack this session, you can use your favorite ssh client. All you have to do is to connect to the hijacked session.
$ ssh -p 34463

SSH-MITM Proxy server is open source

and developed by the community. Be a part of this community and...